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The ultimate workout and diet program to overcome hardgainer genetics.
You’ve been told, “train for strength, and development will come” and that “heavier is better.” These are half-truths at best, and myths at worst. The Hardgainer Solution argues that you train first and foremost for development, and then certain kind of strength will come.

Yes, you will get bigger and stronger on this training program, but true physique development and muscle gain is not about 1RM strength. This program is designed with one thing in mind: gaining muscle and physique development. If you are a hardgainer, you need to gain serious muscle mass before you can focus solely on dieting down, getting leaner or getting shredded or getting ripped.

Note that this weight training program does not require you to drink 2 liters of milk every day, or to drink protein shakes all day. You do not need to engage in 4-hour weight training sessions or take steroids. The diet and meal plans included are reasonable and sustainable, and come with guidelines for tweaking and customization. They are what Scott has used with his own clients.

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The ultimate workout program for real people with real genetics… people who are tired of empty promises, potions and quick fix scams.

All 80 Workouts

There are actual reasons — both scientific research and decades of anecdotal evidence from the pros — that show why doing all 80 is key to getting the most neural activation of your type IIb muscle fibers you need.

Complete Meal Plans

Learn exactly what to eat to gain muscle, and HOW MUCH to eat (it’s less than most people think).

The importance of UNDER-training

Yes, undertraining. Avoiding overtraining is key, and most hardgainers are doing it totally wrong.

The truth about "strength"

What you’ve likely been told about strength is a lie. Learn how and why to include strength work in a true physique development program.
Stop jumping around. Stop “program hopping” from one quick fix to the next.

You’ve found the solution.

Stop and use it. As Scott tells his coaching clients, “The program works if you work the program!”

Use the ultimate hardgainer workout program and diet strategy.

…and make REAL PROGRESS.

Download the Ebook Now!
Only $8.99 CAD

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